Challenges, Innovations, and Experiences in Issue Resolution

September 23-26 2024, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Chalk River, Ontario

About MCFD 2024

Addressing end of commercial operation challenges and emerging issues often require innovative and multidisciplinary solutions that involve elements of engineering from: materials, chemistry, stress analysis, thermal-hydraulic analysis, probabilistic assessment methods, examination and inspection approaches, and operational strategies. This is the case for most major nuclear plant systems and components, regardless of reactor type. The focus for the MCFD-2024 Conference is on the challenges, innovations, and experiences encountered when addressing issues of chemistry, materials, or fitness-for-service in nuclear power plants. 

The 3rd International Conference of MATERIALS, CHEMISTRY AND FITNESS-FOR-SERVICE SOLUTIONS for Nuclear Systems (MCFD 2024) will be of interest to representatives from various sectors of the nuclear industry including: material and equipment vendors, technical and engineering service providers, utility technical staff, regulators, designers, researchers, students, and academia. 

Brought to you by The CNS – Materials, Chemistry & Fitness-for-service Division (MCFD)

Sharing technical engineering solutions in support of long-term operation, refurbishment of major components, and newbuilds

Keynote Speakers

Mark Knutson

Keynote Speaker

Stephen Bushby

Keynote Speaker


Components of interest

  • Steam generator tubing 
  • CANDU fuel channels 
  • PWR plant components 
  • BWR plant components 
  • Steam cycle components, chemistry, and systems 
  • Major heat exchangers 
  • SMR components 

Abstracts TOPICS

  • OPEX and lessons learned from recent plant activities 
  • Case studies 
  • FFS programs, plans, and achievements 
  • Materials factors in issue resolution 
  • Chemistry factors in issue resolution 
  • Regulatory perspectives 
  • Application of codes and standards 
  • Developments in probabilistic assessments 
  • Analytical tools 
  • Novel or innovative solutions 
  • Meeting the challenges of emerging issues 
  • Major Component Replacement 
  • New Plant Construction 


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